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Schedule your home inspection today!
Schedule your home inspection today!
Fast & Efficient Blower Door Inspections

You are on a construction timeline, let's help you pass the first time!

What is a Blower Door Inspection?

A blower door inspection, or blower door test, is an airtightness test of your property by an accredited Energy Auditor. The inspection determines how much air is entering or escaping your home or business property and identifies a pass or fail score.

Blower door inspections can help:

  • Reduce long-term energy costs
  • Avoid interior moisture condensation
  • Reduce your properties energy footprint
We will deliver your certification the same day you pass your Blower Door Inspection.

Why Blower Door Testing?

The team at Blower Door Testing has a general contractor license and background working on projects large and small across Truckee Meadows. We understand that you are on a construction timeline and a failed test is going to push the whole project back. We take pride in offering a post inspection walk-through to help identify areas that will help you pass. Finally, since we want to see you pass, we bring tools and cocking to each job so if we can help you make the repairs and get a pass, we will!

Needed for New Construction

A blower door inspection is required for new construction. If you fail you have to take steps to seal the property and bring it up to a passable standard. Blower Door Testing wants to help you pass the first time!
The Process

Working with Blower Door Testing you will get a fast and efficient team working towards a quick evaluation, to help you get a passed test.

We start by sealing your home.

Creating negative pressure with our blower door testing fan.

We get a reading from a manometer, pass or fail.

Quick & Easy

Where we stand out, is that if you fail, we will help you identify the areas of your property that need to be fixed in order to pass. We perform energy auditing for general contractors, home owners, and any person concerned with the airtightness of their home.


Blower Door Testing is a local Northern Nevada company with 20 years of construction experience.

Owned and operated by Brad and Brennen Carruth. Two names that the Reno/Sparks community has trusted with projects ranging from apartments to warehouses to homes and more.

Brad and Brennen are locals who saw a need in the community for a reputable, dedicated, and construction-aware blower door inspection service. Blower Door Testing was born, and the focus on timeliness and efficiency for your construction timeline came with it.

A partner that wants you to pass!